Jamal offers first-class lending solutions to meet a variety of needs - from first-time home purchases and refinances to real estate investments. Backed by an in-house operations team, he personally manages the loan transaction from start to finish.

Customers know all their options and exactly where they are in the process with Jamal’s clear guidance and proactive updates. Plus, Jamal stays up-to-date on the latest loan programs and offers immediate insight into today's mortgage market.

Since joining the industry in 2020, Jamal has grown a thriving career focused on integrity, stellar service, and honest hard work. Working alongside his mentor, Henry Wilkes, he helped develop a high-production residential lending team. Jamal has also worked closely with real estate agents to grow their marketing exposure and build more business.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Jamal currently lives in Sherman Oaks. When he's not in the office, you'll often find him at the gym and at competitive backyard basketball games. Jamal is also devoted to his beautiful baby siblings and wonderful friends.